Ray Ban Tech Sunglasses

I made a new purchase today, I needed new sunglasses so I decided to get a pair of Ray Bans since aviators are the cool things to have now! These were really nice, the arms are made out of carbon fiber and the lenses are grey, mirrored slightly and polarized. While I was trying them on in the optical store, looking at myself in the mirror, I had Danger Zone (I would highly suggest you hit play on the youtube video below while you read this review)  playing in my head and picturing myself playing beach volley ball in the sun with my buddy Goose.

At first I wanted sunglasses with the brown gradient that everyone else had, but were out of stock. The sale rep said that those were becoming too common, he persuaded me to look at these instead. How could I say no to Top Gun look a like sunglasses!? I have never had a pair of Ray Bans before but I remember them being a lot cheaper back 5 years ago when they were $80-100. These cost ~$200! I guess they got popular and starting increasing  their prices, or maybe this one was made of more expensive materials (or so I tell myself).

The quality is great, fits my head/face nicely and the polarized lenses are one of those features that you never knew you’d want until you try it. It reduces a lot of the glare while out in the sun. You can read about the effects of polarized lenses here

I was happy with my purchase and I have official have Danger Zone on my music player playlist.

Jay’s Rating: 

Manufacturer Linkhttp://www.ray-ban.com/usa/sunglasses/rb8309/004-82