Gexco Tennis Ball Saver

I received my shipment of tennis gear today. This is the Gexco Tennis Ball Saver, the reason why I know of this device is because when I was younger, around 15 years ago, I pitched in money to buy this for a friend’s birthday. I started playing tennis with him again this year (after 10 years hiatus) and he’s been using it ever since, so I decided to get one myself. If you want a review on durability, this thing is awesome, my friend has been using it ever since he got it and the only thing has to do is lubricate the rubber gasket once in a while to prevent it from breaking. My new tennis ball saver looks exactly the same as my friends, so they haven’t really made any improvements or design changes, I guess it still works.

The device when closed, keeps the pressure inside at 14 PSI, which is the same air pressure in a can of new tennis balls. This prevents your new can of Wilson Australian Open Tennis balls from losing their bounce within a few weeks. The cost of this device was ~$15.

Alternative: Purchasing new balls every so often @ $5 / can of balls. If you’re a weekend club player like myself that plays recreationally, I would suggest you purchase this because there will be some weeks that I won’t be able to play and having the Tennis Ball Saver allows me to store my balls without worrying about my set of balls going flat.

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