Wilson Australian Open Tennis Balls

I had to purchase new tennis balls the other day since I was disappointed in my old Wilson US Open Extra Duty because they lost all its fuzz and color within a few outdoor sessions, 3 to be exact. Mind you, the balls still bounce well, it’s just that they look bald and are hard to see in darker settings, I’ve got bad eyes.

I told the sales rep of my dilemma and he recommended me the these ones because of the different weave that covered the ball which meant that they’d last longer. They’re also a little bit more expensive then other Wilson balls, which was a nominal $0.50.

I recently opened the can and after a session, they still look fresh out of the can, I’ll give them a few more sessions and see how they perform, but first impressions, they look good. I’ve also bought a Tennis Ball Saver which I’ll keep them in to preserve their bounce.

Alternatives: I don’t think I’ll be purchasing the Wilson US Open ones any more for durability. I’ve played with my friend’s Penn’s and he’s had them longer than my US Opens, I’ll probably take a look at those next time.

UPDATED 08/19/2012 :  I played 3 outdoor sessions with this set of balls and I have to say that they’re much better than the Wilson US Opens. I’ve put in at least 6+ hours into them and the color of them still look the same which is a huge plus, however, some of the fuzz is starting to come off a little and the WIlson/Aussie Open logo is fading which is expected.

Jay’s Rating: 

Manufacturer Linkhttp://www.wilson.com/en-us/tennis/balls/australian-open-tennis-ball/