Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner

You might have noticed by now, but I’m a man of efficiency (other people say I’m lazy), I hate doing chores and anything that can help me make my life easier is worth every penny. So I decided to take a look at this product and at ~$20 for the device and one bottle of cleaning solution, I thought I’d give it a try.

It takes 4x AA batteries and I recommend that you use rechargables or brand name (Duracell, etc) because if you use no-name batteries, it wont last for more than a month. With Sanyo Eneloop rechargables, I’ve had mine going for much longer.

The basic premise of this device is whenever you finish your shower before you step out, you press either the top button (regular) or the bottom button (extra cleaning, 2x as long) . It will then beep for 15 seconds and give you enough time to step out and draw the shower curtains (or close the shower door). Once the beeping stops, the magic begins and all you hear for the next 15 seconds is the nozzle head whirling 360 degrees spraying non-toxic (I hope, heh) cleaning solution on the shower walls, tub and grout. No need to rinse/spray down, this helps prevent mildew build up and makes your bathroom smell nice and fresh. One bottle should last you a little big over a month if used daily. The refills are around ~$5 each.

Alternatives: The closest alternative is buying a similar shower cleaning solution in a bottle (Tilex Daily Shower) and spraying it yourself when you finished, however isn’t as cool. Or you could do it the hard way and scrub the shower when you’re doing your weekly, monthly, quarterly (this is me, JK) clean.

Worth it: Any device that can save me time in cleaning the bathroom is worth it to me 😀

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